Energy Saving Solutions & Data Acquisition

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Project Description

Energy Saving Solutions & Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition

It is vital that you record your energy to measure your savings and plan for the future.

Garland Instruments can monitor all your energy, temperatures, levels, flow, weights, production etc. and display locally or remotely.

Energy Saving Solutions

Energy cost are always going to rise, so it is important for your business to start looking for ways to save now.

Garland Instruments have designed and implemented Energy saving projects all around Ireland.

We are constantly looking for new solutions to help our customers achieve there energy saving goals and reduce running costs.

There are so many ways to save energy in your business.

A common solution is the use of a Variable Speed Drive as they are an exceptional great way to make savings and they can pay for themselves fast.

Example of a Pump or Fan Application.

A variable speed drive regulates the speed of the motor, and in turn the speed of the pump or fan.

By controlling the energy that goes into the motor, rather than restricting the flow of a process running constantly at full speed.
Running a motor at full speed while throttling the output is like driving a car with one foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake.

As pumps and fans use a cubed law basis you can reduce the speed by a fraction and still make big savings.

If you look at the graph you will see that by dropping the speed/flow to 80% you can save 50% on your power consumption.

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You can make further savings by adding in controls to drop the speed when the pump/fan is not required or the demand is low.

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