The powerhouse

With 11 million frequency inverter drives already sold, Mitsubishi Electric now introduces its latest generation of compact inverters, the FR-E700 series. In addition to better features and performance than their predecessors, the models in the series are also more compact and even easier to install.

Improvements include an integrated USB port, an integrated one-touch Digital Dial control with a display, improved power usage at low speeds and an expansion slot compatible with the many option cards from the 700 series. All this makes the FR-E700 an economical and highly-versatile solution for a wide range of applications from textiles machines to door and gate drive systems to material handling systems.

FR-E720S FR-E740
Output range 0.1 kW – 2.2 kW 0.4 kW – 15 kW
Protective structure IP20
Power supply (50/60Hz) 1-phase
200 – 240V
380 – 480V
Output frequency 0.2 – 400Hz
RF suppression optional Filter