PLCs (Progammable Logic Controllers)

PLCs Are Now firmly established as the main component of most factory automation systems.

Mitsubishi Electric compact PLCs | Garland Instruments

PLC – based systems have many advantages – among other things they are versatile, extremely reliable, inexpensive and simple to operate. Mitsubishi Electric is the undisputed world leading supplier of compact PLCs:

  • Micro PLC to full Plant Process Control System
  • Safety PLC’s
  • Remote PLC IO stations
  • Wide range of optional special function modules
  • Internet connectivity for Fault Finding and Monitoring
  • Remote plant control/maintenance using GSM and fixed line modem technology

Mitsubishi PLC Series

  • MELSEC F series PLC ( FX3S, FX3G, FX3GE, FX3U )
  • MELSEC L series PLC
  • MELSEC Q series PLC
  • MELSEC IQ-F series PLC ( FX5U )
  • MELSEC IQ-R series PLC
  • MELSEC QS/WS series PLC

The IQ-R and the IQ-F series are the new kids on the block.

The R Series will take over the Q series in time, but the Q series remains the main choice until they have all the functions and option cards in the R series range. The R series catalog of cards is getting stronger every day, so you should start building your PLC projects around the R series if the cards you require are there. This PLC is setting new benchmark standards for processing speed. The IQ-R uses Mitsubishi’s latest programming software GX WORKS 3.

The IQ-F series will more than likely take over the FX series in time. They have started with the FX5U PLC and this has taken things to the next level. With a host of features built into the unit including 2 x analog outputs and 1 x analog input, high-speed counters, positioning outputs, Ethernet port, and SD card slot. The FX5 uses Mitsubishi’s latest programming software GX WORKS 3.

IQ-F series PLC Selection Tool
F series PLC Selection Tool
Network Model Selection Tool
Q Series PLC Selection Tool
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