Inverter / VSD selection tool

Inverter / VSD selection tool

Selection Made Simple

Quick guide for the Inverter / VSD selection tool

This tool from Mitsubishi Electric is simply brilliant and very straight forward to use.

You want to choose an inverter / VSD, but you are not sure which one fits your needs best.

Save yourself valuable time and use this FREE tool and as an added bonus there is a great energy saving calculator link below it.

Selection Tool at the bottom of this link

The first step is the Type of Drive you require. There are 13 to choose from, but it really is only 5 Series of drives (D700, E700, A700, A800 & F800)

  1. FR-D700 SC (Ultra-compact Standard Inverters) D740 D720 INFO
  2. FR-E700 SC (Compact Inverters)
  3. FR-E700-SC-ENE (Compact Inverters with built-in Ethernet)
  4. FR-A741 (High End Inverters with built-in Regeneration)
  5. FR-A800-E (High End Inverters) A840 INFO
  6. FR-A800-SCM (Smart Condition Monitoring) A840 INFO
  7. FR-A800-ELV (For Elevator Application) A840 INFO
  8. FR-A800-CRN (For Crane Application) A840 INFO
  9. FR-A800-R2R (For Roll to Roll Application) A840 INFO
  10. FR-A800-LC (Liquid Cooled Type) A840 INFO
  11. FR-F800-E (Energy Saving Inverters) F840 INFO
  12. FR-F800-SCM (Smart Condition Monitoring) F840 INFO
  13. FR-F846-E (Energy Saving Inverters IP55) F840 INFO

They all have different advantages and applications.

The D700 is an entry compact drive with typical applications such as feeder and conveyor drives, machining tools or gate and door drives.

The E700 is the next step up from the D700, with typical applications from textiles machines to door and gate drive systems to material handling systems.

The A700 only has 2 types of drives as most of them have been upgraded to the new A800 series. The A741 series is still the main unit for regenerative drive solutions. This puts the wasted energy back into your system giving you more energy savings. It is ideal for hoist drives and high-powered machines where the torque can be used for regenerative braking.

The A800 Series is the most powerful and intelligent drive with a built in PLC. As you can see they have many different applications that you can choose from. There is no job to big or to small for this drive.

The F800 Series has a built in PLC as well, but it is more suited for Fan and Pump applications with huge energy savings.

There is also the F846 version that is very handy when you have no room in a panel or you do not want to use a panel. With its IP55 protection you can mount it beside your motor.

Select any one that you think will work for you and go through the next few drop down menu’s. You can even work backwards and the selection tool will supply you with a list of possible choices. The more drop down menu’s you select the narrower your selection will become. It really is that easy to use and is a very handy tool to keep on your computer or phone.

The next step is to select the drive you require. This is where the magic happens. When you click on the drive you will see all the options for this drive.

Brake resistors, Brake units, chokes, network cards, Circuit breakers, MCB’s, Contactors, Input-Output Cards, encoder cards and even programming software.

This will give you all the options you might need to make your new Inverter / VSD drive work for your application.

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