FX3GE Series

FX3GE Series

This the most versatile compact PLC from Mitsubishi Electric and introduces yet another top model to the FX3 range.

FX3GE Series | Mitsubishi Electrical PLCs

In addition to the powerful functions of the FX3G series, the FX3GE also boasts integral analog inputs/outputs and Ethernet connectivity. Other features include an RS422 interface and a USB programming port. The FX3GE therefore sets new class standards for compact PLCs; it provides excellent value for money, and is ideally suited for many applications. Typical fields of use include the Food & Beverage industry, processing machines, packaging technology, pumps and refrigeration systems.

More functionality

For processing analog values, the FX3GE comes as standard with two analog inputs and one analog output, each having a resolution of 12 bits (0–4000). The FX3GE also features an Ethernet port with a transmission rate of 100/10 Mbit/s.

Flexible expansion options

FX3GE base units are available with 24 or 40 inputs/outputs and can be easily expanded. The simplest way of expanding the units is by means of digital or analog expansion adapters or communications adapters which can be fitted directly to the controller. These adapters are extremely easy to fit in the base unit and provide a cost-effective means of achieving additional capacity without taking up more space. Almost all expansion units for the FX3G, FX3U und FX2N can be used.

Extensive communications options

The FX3GE provides a number of options for communication and connection to various networks. As well as the integral Ethernet interface, the FX3GE supports standard serial communications solutions via RS422.



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