MELFA Robots deliver class leading benefits for small-medium robot applications

Mitsubishi MELFA Robots | Garland Instruments

Mitsubishi’s range of advanced MELFA robots offer speed, accuracy and compact design as well as long life.

With a comprehensive range of robot models to cater to the full spectrum of modern needs. All Mitsubishi Electric robots are powerful, fast and compact – that goes almost without saying.

The product range includes the almost universal articulated-arm robots with 6 degrees of freedom and payloads of 2 kg to 20 kg and SCARA robots with 4 degrees of freedom and payloads of 3 kg to 70 kg for assembly and palletising tasks.

Mitsubishi MEFLA Robots | Garland InstrumentsTwo special models are the unique high-precision robots with their parallel arm structure for very fast micro handling tasks with payloads of 1 kg to 5 kg as well as the flexible high-speed SCARA robot for ceiling mounting.