MELSEC iQ-R Series

MELSEC iQ-R Series

The core for next-generation automation environment.

Melsec iQ-R Series | Mitsubishi Electrical PLCs

To succeed in highly competitive markets, it’s important to build automation systems that ensure high productivity and consistent product quality.
MELSEC iQ-R is taking a three-point approach to solving these problems: Reducing Total Cost of Ownership, increasing Reliability and Reuse of existing assets.

The MELSEC iQ-R Series includes a wide range of programmable automation controllers capable of catering to diversified automation control needs, redesigned around the new MELSEC iQ-R high-speed system bus to ensure high performance and intelligent processing power. The lineup includes a high-performance, general-purpose controller (with an embedded CC-Link IE network model available) capable of variable memory capacities and a high-precision motion controller with variable controllable axes. In addition, application-specific CPUs are available; the Safety CPU (supporting functional safety standards), Process CPU (supporting high-speed PID control and hot-swap of I/O modules and when paired with a redundant function module realizes a high available control system), and the C Controller CPU, which provides C language programming ideal for converting from personal computer or micro-controller based systems.


With a scan time of 0.14 ms, the ability to process up to 419 instructions per millisecond, and a LD instruction speed of 0.98 ns, the iQ-R series sets new benchmark performance standards, helping to deliver increased productivity.

The iQ-R series offers a synchronised PLC and network scan to avoid data transfer delays and improve manufacturing quality. In addition to that all output modules are synchronized for much more precise control, removing the need for position detect sensors and reducing total system costs.

Important manufacturing information like recipes can be stored in the iQ-R built-in database preventing the whole automation system to stop when for example the network fails and communication to a PC database server stops. iQ-R can also backup/restore all parameters/data of the whole PLC system including CC-Link IE Field network devices.

For example, users can define errors and events to be automatically stored to SD card through the in-built SD card slot. In the case of an error or certain event the PLC can store all relevant process information, the error & event log including operation history to an SD card. This data can then easily be analyzed and help to reduce downtime and maintenance effort.

A feature of the iQ-R series is the ability to plug a hardware security key into the CPU, without which the CPU module will not run. The data held in this key is encrypted, and cannot be copied by outsiders. Further, authorised device IP addresses can be set up, and access denied to unauthorised devices, reducing the risk of hacking or altering of the PLC program by unauthorised personnel. All this is on top of a user authentication function.

  • Highly scalable with program capacities from 10K to 1200K stepsMelsec iQ-R Series | PLCs from Garland Instruments
  • Improved multi-CPU controller architecture
  • Embedded gigabit network ports CPU
  • Internal DB for simple batch recipe control
  • Security embedded in hardware SRAM cassette
  • Various motion control possible (position, speed, torque, advanced sync, etc.)
  • International standard (ISO 13849-1 PL e, IEC 61508 SIL 3) safety CPU
  • High-speed PID control, module replacement while online (hot-swap), supports highly reliable redundant system process CPU
  • C/C++ programming ideal for PC/micro-controller based systems




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