FX3S Series

FX3S Series

FX3S Series| Mitsubishi Electrical PLCs

Fx3S Makes it possible to utilse analog, ethernet and modbus functions even in small scale system.
All-in-one CPU, power supply and I/O. Includes many upgraded features from the FX1S. Especially usage of the FX3 series ADP bus system and expansion boards (BD).
It also includes expansion options for communications, analog, and temperature control. As part of the FX3 series, the FX3S can use many of the existing programming resources that are available for other FX3 series PLCs. This greatly reduces time and costs for system set up.

  • Available in AC or DC
  • USB (mini-B) programming port
  • RS422 Interface port as standard
  • Available with 10-30 inputs/outputs
  • Available with relay or transistor outputs
  • High speed inputs for fast counting tasks (up to 60kHz)
  • Two integrated high speed pulse outputs (100kHz)
  • RS232, RS485 & Ethernet communication expansion possible
  • Analog input expansion modules available
  • Special function modules available
    Processes basic instructions 3 x faster than it’s predecessor, the FX1S
  • 4,000 step program EEPROM memory
  • Can be mounted on DIN rail or a flat surface
  • Incorporated positioning control
  • Integrated real time clock
  • Internal service 24 VDC power supply on AC models

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