Mitsubishi GOT Products – More Information


Mitsubishi Electric has raised the bar for HMIs with the GOT2000 series, designed to optimise operator control and monitoring of device and line status.

With vastly increased performance, advanced functions, seamless connectivity to other automation devices and highly intuitive, tablet-like operation and the highest quality graphics, the GOT2000 series provides a range of models and sizes to meet the needs of the broadest spread of applications.

With their enhanced functionality, these HMIs extend capabilities beyond monitoring and visualisation, providing additional features that will help to reduce downtime, enable fast recovery from simple errors, increase availability and boost production efficiency. In addition, a software HMI version, the GT SoftGOT2000, realises all of the GOT2000 features on a PC or panel computer.

Click on the Images below for each Model (GT21 Models, GT21 Wide Model, GT25 Models, GT25 Wide Model, GT25 Rugged Model, GT25 Open Frame Models, GT23 Models and Handy GOT Models) to view further details:

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