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Visualisation/PC Communications
The concept of MXChange is based around a common database of tags that all MXChange compliant software packages can access. 

This powerful software consists of two program modules.  The foundation is the MXChange server, which is the core database containing all the variable declarations commonly known as "Tags".  It can be used as a local server and as a network server, thus allowing multiple users to connect to the project database.

The second MXChange module is the Super Project Manager with integrated Tag editor.  The Super Project Manager functions as a project navigator, displaying all the Tags used both in the project as a whole and the component programs associated with it.  It brings the benifit of eliminating repetition of Tag entry in Multiple Packages, thus reducing typing errors and saving time.  Super Project Manager allows a team of software engineers to work together each looking after their own section of the project but synchronising the database automatically.

Current Melsoft MXChange compliant packages are:

  • GX Configurator
  • MX2000
  • GX Developer
  • MX32
  • GX-IEC-Developer
  • E Designer

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MX2000 SCADA visualisation and control software

MX2000 is the next generation of the popular MX32 SCADA system.  Based upon openness and connectivity, MX2000 provides exciting new features and benifits, such as an entirely new picture building improving overall enhanced graphics and contributing to a truly comprehensive software package.  Some of the new features in MX2000 are as follows:

OPC (OLE for process control) compliant

  • MX2000 takes advantage of the open OPC standard allowing connectivity and integration with 3rd party applications
  • Can use data from any OPC server
  • A standard for communicating data between applications
  • Is both an OPC client and server

ActiveX compliant

  • Enables MX2000 to take advantage of the open technologies available today
  • Documents and controls created with any ActiveX compliant application will work within MX2000 in a secure enviornment
  • Allows software components to be created by one application to be used by another
  • if ActiveX crashes it will not crash MX2000

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) used and supported

  • Using the same scripting language that applications such as Excel or Word use, it brings the benifit to the user of common language support
  • Replaces command script in older MX32
  • Used to automate applications
  • Executes scripts based on I/O data, user input, and/or scheduled
  • Customises MX2000


  • The concept of MX200workspace allows the user to access all parts of the project from an explorer type enviornment.  Since the workspace is an Active X container an Active X object may be embedded into the workspace.  OLE functionality also allows documents made in word or Excel for example to be accessed through the workspace


  • A feature often requested in MX32 allows the user to run a script at a particular time of day or on an event occuring
  • Executes actions and VBA scripts based on times and/or events

Increased alarm functionality

  • The alarm functionality has been expanded and made open to ODBC connectivity, allowing alarms to be passed to databases more effectively
  • Unlimited alarm areas
  • Custom named alarm areas
  • Auto alarm manager

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MX Report Manager
Custom reports may be designed to suit the application, bringing timely accurate data from the factory floor to your desktop.  A scheduler triggers the report based on time or event.  Designed as an add on to MX32 and comes embedded into MX2000
  • Realtime data can be embedded into reports
  • Historical data can be recalled and placed into the report
  • Batch repots with time stamped events can be generated.  Reports can be generated on several batches at the same time

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MX Communication Components
For users who want to build their own software front ends or decide they do not need an off the shelf combined graphics/data gathering solution, MX Communication Components are a set of powerful, user-friendly tools that make integration between PC and PLC easy.
There is a communication tool for MS Visual Basic, MS C++ and MS Excel as well as Active X and OPC. Each utility is very easy to configure and test the connection to your Mitsubishi PLC. They support serial CPU port connections, serial computer links (RS232C,RS422), Ethernet, CC-Link and all MELSEC networks. After configuring the communication paths, you can access all controller devices (read/write) with your chosen Microsoft interface.
The software provides a set of Active X components which make it much easier to program MS Visual Basic and MS C++ applications for your controller. They give direct access to the various available communication paths from your applications, including the paths defined with the Communication Setup Utility. All the communication work is handled by MX Component, leaving you free to concentrate on your application.
Do you need fast, simple access to your PLC data? MX Chart enables you to display your PLC data directly in MS Excel, with full support for all of Excel’s data display functions (charts etc.).
MX Monitor makes it easier than ever before to create graphical user interfaces with MS Visual Basic and MS C++. You just insert the ready-to-use graphical objects – including data entry and display fields, switches, lamps etc. – using drag & drop and then configure their parameters. That’s it!
This tool gives you fast, secure access to all Mitsubishi controllers with any OPC-compatible software package.

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