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Mitsubishi Servo Motors
Servo Motors
Mitsubishi Servo motors are made to high standards and offer a wide range of power, speed and inertia ratings providing a motor for all applications. Ranging from 50W through to 7kW and with specialist type motors available (flat "pancake" motors) the new Super series Servo motors complete the line-up of products offered by Mitsubishi Electric. The new Super series Servo motors all have a standard encoder resolution of 131,072 pulses per revolution. These motors have been designed to withstand higher shock loads (up to 5G) and have higher IP ratings as standard.
Also, all motors in the Mitsubishi Super series are fitted with absolute encoders as standard. Therefore, an absolute system can be created by simple providing power to Servo amplifier via a battery. Once this has been done the super capacitor inside the motor and back-up battery allow the Servo motor position to be constantly monitored, even when disconnected from the system.

  • All Super series Servo motors are fitted with a 131,072ppr absolute encoder as standard
  • Higher IP ratings are now standard on all Super series motors
  • A wide range of encoder cables in lengths up to 50m are available (including high flex versions)
  • HC-UFS series "pancake" motors offer maximum performance from a small, flat motor, ideal for direct machine mounting


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