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Mitsubishi Servo Amplifiers
Servo Amplifiers
Mitsubishi offer a wide range of Servo amplifiers to meet the demands of all types of application. From standard digital pulse and analogue controlled amplifiers through to dedicated SSCNET bus type amplifiers there is a product for all circumstances.
The standard Super series digital pulse and analogue units (MR-J2S-A series) range from 100W units through to 7kW. The SSCNET bus type amplifiers offer the user ease of connectivity, noise immunity and a quick and easy Motion solution.
Both the standard and SSCNET units offer high specification control featuring enhanced Real Time Adaptive Tuning, adaptive vibration suppression control, notch filtering etc. Also the speed loop response of the Super series amplifiers has been improved to 550Hz, more than double that of the previous series. The SSCNET bus type amplifiers (MR-J2S-B series) also now have encoder output terminals as standard, offering even greater flexibility for system integration.
The following features are standard on the Super series products:

  • 5-digit LED display
  • Enhanced Real Time Adaptive Tuning
  • RS-232 and RS-422 communication
  • Notch filter can be set to eliminate resonance
  • Secondary gear ration for "zone control"

    Note: SSCNET (Servo System Controller NETwork) is Mitsubishi Electrics dedicated Motion Control bus network.
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