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Motion Control System Solutions


Mitsubishi Electric is the in the premier division of motion control manufacturers.  They have held this position for over 15 years by supplying innovative leading edge technology products to a wide range of industrial applications.

Compatibility issues are a thing of the past with Mitsubishi easy to configure, integrated and flexible packages.

Motion Control
Mitsubishi Electric offers a variety of Servo and Motion system products providing solutions for applications as simple as a single axis point-to-point system through to fully synchronised 32 axis systems. With both standard pulse type output modules and SSCNET bus modules specific application needs are easy to meet.
The Super series of Servo motors and amplifiers takes Mitsubishi Motion control to new levels of precision with a wide range of motors (all fitted with a standard 131,072 absolute encoder) and wide amplifier range.
All Mitsubishi Servo and Motion system hardware is complimented by a range of software packages allowing easy programming and set-up of the units. Including advanced software such as Machine analyzer and Machine simulation (for the Servo set-up software (ServoCom)) commissioning a system using Mitsubishi Motion products has never been easier.
Position Controllers
A range of advanced positioning modules capitalizes on the use of a PLC system. This eliminates the need to buy an additional motion controller - and the time spent interfacing the two pieces of equipment.
Servo Amplifiers
Real Time Adaptive Tuning is unique Mitsubishi technology, enabling the servo to deliver maximum dynamic performance, even if the load keeps changing, by automatically tuning online to the application.
Servo Motors
Utilizing the most advanced concentrated winding techniques and latest rare earth magnet technology, these brush-less servo motors are among the most compact on the market.


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