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Mitsubishi Position Controllers
Position Controllers
For the FX range of PLCs the FX2N-10PG unit provides single-axis control with in-built positioning tables, fast external start and an output pulse rate of up to 1MHz.
The Qn PLC range offers three new QD75 series modules (one, two and four axes); Open-collector output type (QD75P series), Differential output type (QD75D series) and SSCNET bus type (QD75M series). The open-collector and differential output controllers cab be used with standard type Servo amplifiers (MR-J2S-A). The QD75M series controllers should be used with the MR-J2S-B (SSCNET bus type) Servo amplifiers. Using the SSCNET system can provide much improved, easier to use positioning system, with reduced wiring and better noise immunity. All QD75M series controllers can provide functionality such as interpolation and speed-position operation etc.
Mitsubishi also offer one, two and three axis open-collector (A1SD75P series) and SSCNET bus (A1SD75M series) controllers for the AnS PLC range.
Also available are the FX "GM" intelligent positioning controllers (one and two axis versions). These controllers can be used stand-alone or as an extension module used with the FX2N range of PLCs.
  • Number of QD75 modules that can be used with Qn PLC is limited only be PLC ability
  • QD75 set-up software (GX Configurator QP) includes functions such as test simulation and Servo parameter setting
  • FX2N-10PG has increased differential output of up to 1 million pulses per second reducing the need for gearing (i.e. resolution loss)
  • Stand alone "GM" modules offer a cheap efficient solution for basic positioning applications

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