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Mitsubishi has created one of the best ranges of AC drive products based on significant technology improvements to operate in the toughest environments, so that you can rely on Mitsubishi to solve your AC drive problems - whatever the application.

Variable Speed Drives (VSD) or Inverters are a key product in helping to beat the impact of the Climate Change Levy.

As motors  are by far the largest consumers of electricity (60%), inverters can play a very big role in helping companies reducing the ever increasing burden.

VSDs control the speed of electric motors.  They have improved countless applications through energy saving, improved process control and reduced energy costs.

One of the most significant uses for inverters/VSDs is for the control of pumps and fans.


Dynamic Performance

Our Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) give us the best possible power switching devices for today's AC drives.  In turn, these can offer even better motor wave forms, closer to a pure sine wave, with improved dynamic performance during the all important overload regime.

A major new feature of our 500 series drives is On Line Tuning, which makes sure that the drive's sensorless vector control is constantly optimized to keep it in tune with the motor as its operating temperature changes.  This allows high precision performance and stable high torque operation throughout any duty cycle without an encoder.

And with open and closed loop capability and our patented Flux Control system which can achieve 250% torque at 0.5Hz, Mitsubishi drives provide optimum performance to meet the most demanding applications.


Easy Set-Up and Programming

Setting up Mitsubishi drives couldn't be simpler.  Features such as detachable interactive control keypad and display unit which can be remote mounted, provides the essential operational and diagnostic controls.  The Windows based MX500 software makes programming a drive as easy as 'connect each end and go'.    

We offer you an outstandingly wide choice from an entire line of powerful frequency inverters with all the features needed to get the most out of your drive systems. Whatever your needs, you will find the right solution for your drive application here.

S520S – Single Phase Micro-Drive
Mitsubishi has established a clear lead in the field of Micro class Inverters with the S500. It has features and benefits that surpass its nearest competitors.
E520S – Single Phase Compact Drive
The flexible, versatile and communication capabilities of the E500 range offer greater speed of set up, greater control, and the ability to easily integrate into a huge range of applications - from food to pharmaceuticals and elevators to HVAC.
E540 – Three Phase Compact Drive 
To address this fast-expanding sector of the market, the E500 series is also available to accept a 380-415V Three Phase supply. Available in sizes up to 7.5kW, the E540 range offers ‘big drive’ performance and functionality in tiny frame sizes.  Sample Application
The A540 High Performance Drive
The A540 range, with 15 models from 1.5kW to 55kW, is a new generation of motor drives for the global market, designed for a 10 year working life without having to be taken out of service. Sample Application
F540 Energy-Saving Drives
The F540 is an advanced inverter which has been specifically adapted for energy saving applications. It is the perfect drive for centrifugal pump and fan and other lightly loaded motors. Sample Application
F540L High Power Drives
The F540L is an ideal choice for pump and fan applications such as the water industry and where heavy-duty ventilation is required – class-leading technology compacted into the smallest ever frame size from 75kW – 530kW.