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E Series Industrial HMIs

It is important to start in the right place when creating the interface for communication between man and machine.  At Garland Instruments we believe that people understand symbols better than blinking lights, that they can read plain text more easily than cryptic codes and that they work more safely when information is well organized instead of being chaotic.  Based on this we can offer a range of operator terminals which are used in thousands of industrial installations in various types of business throughout the world.

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Robust Construction
Operator terminals are often located in tough factory environments, exposed to oil, water, dirt and rough treatment.  Our HMIs have IP65 rating and DNV approval which makes them suitable for all applications.
User Friendly
Mitsubishi operator terminals are user friendly for both operators and designers.  Information is presented in the way to which the operator is accustomed.  Measurements and tasks are presented in plain language with units and types they use.  Even complex information becomes easy to understand with graphs, block graphs and graphic symbols.
A complete system
The operator panel needs to be more than just a panel hung onto the PLC system. An operator panel should free the PLC system from dealing with alarms, displaying information and controlling.  This results in the complete system being more efficient.  In today's environment an operator interface is also an important tool for maintenance.  Functions such as historical trends, alarm handling, password protection and PLC monitor are key tools.  Have a look at an E Designer screenshot from a project Garland Instruments undertook
One interface fo all applications, independent from what type of PLC it is connected to, minimizes development time.  To have the same look and feel on all machines also reduces the time spent on training operators.  The units can not only be used with PLCs but also be connected directly to frequency inverters, servo amplifiers and other vendors equipment.
Flexible Network Solutions
In large conveyor systems and production lines it can be both frustrating and time wasting for the operator to have only one interface.  With the ethernet network solution it is possible to link several terminals to one or more PLC systems, which gives flexible solutions for all applications.
Internet/Intranet suppot
Examples of the E series Internet/Intranet support include receiving an email with the daily production data or having an alarm sent as a text message to a mobile phone.  Another example is to control the HMI remotely with an internet browser - a unique tool for remote troubleshooting.

The HMI can be configured as an email client, web server and FTP client.  After downloading an HTML document into the terminal it can be browsed in the same way as any website, allowing you to access HMI and PLC data remotely.  To ensure safety, accounts can be set up with user ID and password.  The connection can be made via modems, via an Intranet network or via Internet.  Contact us to get more information on our full range of Mitsubishi HMIs and a competitive Price List


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