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Sample Applications FR-E 500 EC  

Automatic operation using DC (0/4 - 20mA) current signals

The figure on the left shows the layout of a circuit for operation in combination with a temperature sensor for air-conditioners.

The motor can be switched from inverter operation to commercial power supply operation and vice versa.  The operating mode can be determined by a switch.  To switch from commercial power supply operation to inverter operation, the motor has to be stopped first.

Operation automatically switches to commercial power supply operation when an alarm stop occurs in the inverter.

Assign the AU signal to the RM terminal to switch between an external current signal and a manual voltage signal from the speed setter potentiometer.


Multi-speed operation (with Mitsubishi PLC)
The figure on the left shows the layout of a sample circuit for a multi-speed operation with a Mitsubishi PLC.  The PLC is equipped with a digital output module AY80.

To prevent wrap-arounds, the output modules common pin 10 for preventing wrap-arounds must be connected to inverter terminal SD.

A variety of functions for the inverters transistor output signals (RH, RM, STOP ect.) are selectable using parameter 180 to 183.  The inverter output signals, however can be received at a seperate digital input module.

Up to 15 speeds can be set with the multi-speed setter, but an additional two speeds can be obtained by shorting terminals 10 and 2 for an upper limit frequency setting (Pr.1) and terminals 2 and 5 for a lower limit frequency setting (Pr.2)