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Sample Applications Fr-A 540L


High-speed crane or lift
  • The wide range speed control facilitates high speed control combined with high precision.
  • A brake unit is not required because a power regenerating function is provided.
  • Since this application comprises vertical and horizontal movements simultaneously the capacity class of the inverter results from the total capacity of both motors.
  • The power supply for the mechanical brake is connected to the power supply for the converter.
  • The mechanical brakes can be applied with optimal timing using the brake sequence function specified via parameters.
  • The large starting torque allows powerful performance in lifting operations.


Air-conditioning Fan
  • Due to the integrated PID control function the inverter is suitable for constant temperature control functions.
  • The timing of the contactors MC1 - MC3 is controlled precisely through parameter settings.
  • An electromechanical interlock that prevents MC2 and MC3 from being switched on simultaneously is required.

The inverter controls temperature constantly during operation, creating a pleasant environment and saving energy.

  • The speed of the motor for the extruder and the motor for the pull-off rollers is set via a potentiometer.  The different frequencies of the inverters can be adjusted via bias and gain and of the input frequency signal.
  • The advanced flux vector control with online auto tuning of the motor operating data enables the operation with minimum speed fluctuations.  Thus, the pressure of the extruder can be adopted to different materials

Using a PLC on the wind-up motor allows an even more precise control of operations

Wire drawing mill
  • The advanced flux vector control provides high-precision control of individual motors within a production line.  Each successive motor is operated at a slightly higher speed.
  • The speed of the latter motors must be proportional to the elongation rate resulting from the reduced cross-section of the wire.
  • When the online auto tuning function is selected, the motor constants are automatically tuned each time the motor starts, eliminating speed variations caused by temperature fluctuations and providing stable control.