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Compact PLC


It is now over 30 years since Mitsubishi Electric launched the first compact PLC on the European market. Since then Mitsubishi has become the world market leader in this sector, with over 10 million of its compact controller installations to its credit.

With their compact dimensions and low cost compact controllers have opened up new perspectives in industrial automation. Many applications for which automation was once not even an option can now benefit from the many advantages of these controllers.

The FX3U series that is now being launched worldwide is the third generation Mitsubishi Electric's extremely successful family of compact PLCs. The new flagship line once again sets new standards - and not only in the compact controllers class. The FX3U takes compact controllers into another dimension, delivering performance that was formerly the exclusive domain of larger control systems in a compact package.

The FX family now includes independent but fully mutually-compatible product lines:


Melsec FX3UC

Melsec FX3U

Melsec FX3G

Melsec FX1N

Melsec FX1S

What can you expect from the MELSEC FX series?

  • Worldwide compatibility
    thanks to their wide power supply range the FX controllers can be used all over the world
  • Internationally approved
    MELSEC FX controllers conform to all major international industrial standards and maritime classifications
  • Flexible solutions
    the base unit can be combined with optional expansion and special function modules to configure a system that is precisely geared to the needs of your application
  • Simple programming
    complex functions can be combined and executed with a single instruction
  • Speed
    the entire FX family has always set the standards for execution speed (FX3U: 0.065s per logical instruction)
  • Compatibility
    The lines in the FX family are different and independent products, but they are still fully compatible with one another


Product range

Power supply 100240 VAC/ 24 VDC 100240 VAC/ 12-24 VDC 100240 VAC/ 24 VDC 100240 VAC/ 24 VDC 24 VDC
No. of inputs 616 836 836 864 848
No. of outputs 414 624 824 864 848
Digital outputs Relay, transistor Transistor
Program cycle period per logical instruction 0.550.7 s 0.551 s 0.210.42 s 0.065 s 0.065 s
User memory 2k steps EEPROM (internal) 8k steps EEPROM (internal), EEPROM/EPROM cassettes (optional) 32k steps EEPROM (internal), EEPROM cassettes (optional) 64k steps (standard), FLROM cassettes (optional) 64k steps (standard), EEPROM cassettes (optional)
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 60100x90x49 90175x90x75 90175x90x86 130350x90x86 3486x90x74


Type FX2N
Power supply 100-240 VAC/ 24 VDC
No. of inputs 8-64
No. of outputs 8-64
Digital outputs Relay, transistor
Program cycle period per logical instruction 0.08 s
User memory 8,000 steps PLC-Program (RAM internal), optional 16 k RAM/EEPROM
Dimensions in mm (WxHxD) 150-350x90x87