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Remote I/O ST-Lite

MELSEC STlite - Optimized for real-life requirements
Approved for a very wide range of applications, the STlite series features excellent module granularity and fieldbus-agnostic design, making it ideally suited for the requirements of today’s distributed fieldbus systems. The devices are optimised for efficient process-level communication, with scalable performance and high integration density.



  • The range of potential applications is virtually unlimited
  • Reduces hardware and system overheads to a minimum
  • Simplifies handling and maximises efficiency

The uncompromisingly modular architecture of the system also extends to its support for a wide range of fieldbus systems. You can install different head stations for different protocols, depending on the needs of your applications.

  • Module granularity: 2, 4 or 8 channels in a single I/O module
  • Fieldbus-agnostic: Head stations available for the leading fieldbus protocols Profibus DP, CC-Link and Ethernet
  • Safe investment: Fieldbus node design enables easy switching to new bus standards without changing the busmodules
  • Clear labelling: Colour-coded group identification plate brackets and terminal tags
  • Versatile: Configuration options for digital/analog inputs/outputs and special functions with different voltages, powers and signals on a single fieldbus node



  • Approvals for industrial and marine automation applications ensure a wide range of deployment options – even in heavy-duty environments
  • Automatic contacting for power and data contacts
  • Pluggable connections with bus plug connector
  • CAGE CLAMP® spring terminals for input/output point connections


  • Easily identifiable color coded WSB markers Inputs/Outputs
  • Status LED's for fast diagnosis

Internal Communication:

  • Safe automatic connection by gold plated self-cleaning contacts
  • gaslight, vibration proof and maintenance free

Pluggable connections:

  • CC Link STL-BT1
  • Ethernet Modbus STL-ETH1
  • Profibus STL-PB1

Product range

Electronic modules Description
Head station
STL-PB1 Head station Profibus DP/V1, 12 MBaud; digital and analog signals
STL-BT1 Head station CC-Link, 156 kBaud–10 MBaud; digital and analog signals
STL-ETH1 Head station ETHERNET TCP/IP ECO, 10/100 MBit/s; digital and analog signals
Power supply
STL-PS Power supply module 24 V DC, passive
STL-BPS Power supply module 24 V DC, with bus power supply
Digital input module
STL-DI8-V1 Digital input module, 8 inputs, 24 V DC, 0.5 A, 0.2 ms, source type, 1-conductor connection
STL-DI8-V2 Digital input module, 4 outputs, 24 V DC, 0.5 A, source type
Digital output module
STL-DO4 Digital output module, 4 outputs, 24 V DC, 0,5 A, source type
STL-DO8 Digital output module, 8 outputs, 24 V DC, 0,5 A, source type
Relay output module
STL-RO2 Relay output module, 2 N/O contacts, 230 V AC/30 V DC, 2 A, potential-free
Analog input module
STL-AD2-V Analog input module, 2 voltage inputs, 0–10 V DC, single-ended
STL-AD2-I Analog input module, 2 current inputs, 4–20 mA, single-ended
STL-AD4-V1 Analog input module, 4 voltage inputs, 0–10 V DC, single-ended
STL-AD4-V2 Analog input module, 4 voltage inputs, ±10 V DC, single-ended
STL-AD4-I Analog input module, 4 current inputs, 4–20 mA, single-ended
STL-TI2 Analog temperature input module, 2 temperature inputs, Pt-100 and resistormeasurement (selectable)
Analog output module
STL-DA2-V Analog output module, 2 voltage outputs, 0–10 V DC
STL-DA2-I Analog output module, 2 current outputs, 4–20 mA
STL-DA4-V1 Analog output module, 4 voltage outputs, 0–10 V DC
STL-DA4-V2 Analog output module, 4 voltage outputs, ±10 V DC
STL-DA4-I Analog output module, 4 current outputs, 4–20 mA
Encoder modules
STL-ENC Input module for incremental encoder
Counter Modules
STL-C100 Input module with forward/reverse counter, 24 V DC, 100 kHz
Interface module
STL-SSI Input module with SSI encoder interface, 24 bit, 125 kHz
System module
STL-ET Bus end module
STL-CClink con CC-Link fieldbus connector for CC-Link head station, D-Sub plug, 9-pole