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Kilkenny Textile Mills (KTM) spins 100% raw cotton into yarn for weaving into household goods such as towels, tablecloths and bathrobes.

  In 1990 the company initiated a phased energy efficiency programme by modernizing the boiler system, followed by refurbishment of the lighting installation.  The latest stage has seen the air handling system fitted with variable speed drives the result of which has been dramatic:  

  • Savings on electricity alone are running at 85,000 per year
  • Payback on investment of 110,000 is just under 16 months
  • Energy costs per unit of been reduced by 21.7%
  • Production has increased by a massive 43%.
  • Improved product quality has attracted new customers.


  • Improved business performance has resulted in increased exports.
  • Maintenance on air handling and process plant has been reduced.
  • Machine life has been increased.
  • Controls are integrated into a central management system
  • And most important, the working environment has improved.